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Bülachhof 1-3, 8057 Zurich (Kreis 11)


Part of Letting Agreement
These house rules form a contractual element of the letting agreement. Any violation of the house rules is regarded as a breach of contract and may result in eviction.

General rules
Tenants must keep their rooms, the flat, the basement and all other rooms in the student house and its surroundings clean, tidy and secure at all times. It is forbidden to leave refuse or other objects on balconies, in communal rooms, in basements or around the house.

For safety reasons, all the stairways and landings have to be kept completely free.
For refuse disposal, tenants must buy and use official refuse disposal bin-bags (Züri-Säcke) and comply with the disposal and recycling rules posted on the bulletin board.

When using the lawn, tenants must always leave it in a clean and tidy state and leave no bottles, cigarette stubs, etc. lying around.

Letterbox, doorbell and apartment nameplates must be legibly labelled with the tenant’s name without delay by the HR.

It is strictly forbidden to walk on the flat roof.

Noise at night, parties
A city ordinance stipulates that from 22.00 - in the summer season on Fridays and Saturdays from 23.00 - no noise may be made that might constitute a disturbance for other people. After this time, the sound levels of music and conversation must be kept down so as not to disturb neighbours and fellow tenants.
Tenants are not allowed to play music with doors or windows open if this disturbs neighbours or fellow tenants. If there are complaints about noise, it must be stopped immediately.
When students are planning a party, the fellow tenants and neighbours must be informed well in advance. The house representative also has to be informed in advance of the date, place and the person(s) responsible. In the event of complaints, the noise level must be reduced immediately.
Music or video performances outside the house and any public performances in or around the house are forbidden without the explicit, prior consent of the administration.

The persons organising a party are responsible for any damage caused and for cleaning up afterwards.

Tenants are responsible for cleaning their own rooms.

Jointly-used rooms such as living and eating areas, bathrooms, toilets, terraces, gardens, basements and attics must be cleaned by all the tenants. Dispose of refuse correctly and regularly. Each tenant must participate in the cleaning and disposal in accordance with a cleaning/disposal plan.
If tenants fail to clean by the appointed time or if cleaning is unsatisfactory, WOKO is entitled to call in a professional cleaning company. The cost of this together with any incidental expenses will be charged to the group of tenants in question.

Alterations, defects, damage
Structural alterations (such as painting, drilling holes, plugging, wiring and laying cables) are only allowed with the prior approval of the caretaker or administration. Report any defects and damage to the caretaker without delay using the form near the caretaker’s letterbox or here:
In older buildings it is forbidden to place furniture directly at outer walls. Mold damages will be charged to the tenant.

Dogs are not allowed; other pets are allowed only with the written approval of the administration and if all fellow tenants agree.

Admittance to rented rooms
Administration staff are allowed to access tenants’ rooms after due notification. After a tenant has given notice, his room can be entered by administration staff during his absence even if he has not received notification. This is necessary for maintenance, move-out inspection and re-letting.
The caretaker and the administration staff are allowed to enter the kitchen and all other jointly-used rooms at any time without prior notification.

The building is equipped with a regulated ventilation system, which provides fresh air to all rooms even when the windows are closed. During the period when the central heating system is running, windows must be kept closed to avoid wasting energy in the building.
On windy days, windows must be kept closed to prevent breakage of window panes and possible water damage if there is rain in the wind. In the event of non-compliance, any resulting damage will be charged to the tenant or tenants responsible.

Kitchen, laundry, drying room
The kitchen and laundry room regulations and the operating manuals for the appliances must be followed precisely. These regulations are part of the house rules. Damage caused by negligence or improper use of the appliances is charged to the user concerned. If that person is unknown, all tenants have to bear the cost.
Students are not allowed to install personal kitchen equipment (such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumblers, dishwashers etc.) either in the kitchen or in the student rooms.

Bar, roof terrace, music and party room
Bar, roof terrace, music and party room may be used only by the tenants of the housing complex. The rules covering use of these facilities form part of the house rules.

Parking, bicycles
No motor cars or motorcycles may be parked on the premises. Incorrectly parked vehicles will be towed away without further notice at the expense of the owner.
Bicycles should be kept in the appropriate room.

valid since 23. May 2016