Someone to sublet

Sublet with possible extension

Sublet wanted as from 21.06.2024 until 30.08.2024
Address Cäsar-Ritz-Strasse 1-7, 8046 Zürich
Rent 543 CHF / Month
As from Marc de Miguel Comella
Telephone +34677195749
E-Mail address
Can be reached Email, whatsapp
Other details Room offering at Casar-Ritz-Strasse 7, 5th floor, to move in ASAP. The contract will be until the end of the summer and then you will become main tenant. The apartment common areas are quite big, with a large kitchen and balcony and three bathrooms. We are 8 people who like to casually meet for dinners, board games or conversations. Please write a (short) description about yourself to the email above!