How do I rent a room?

For all WOKO rooms you need to meet the WOKO criteria.

Here you can find how to look for WOKO rooms.

Who is entitled to rent accommodation and is there an age limit?

Our WOKO renting criteria you will find here.

There is an age restriction of 28 years on some properties due to the City of Zürich’s Jugendwohnkredit guidelines.

You are not meeting the WOKO criteria?
Unfortunately, you are not entitled to rent from WOKO. Here you will find other helpful websites.

What is a new tenant proposal?

The tenants themselves will choose their new flat mate. The new tenant have to hand-in in the new tenant proposal at our office 6 weeks before the contract will start. On expiration of this deadline, WOKO allocates the room.

How much do rooms cost?

On average CHF 580.- per month. The rents vary depending on location, size and furnishing of the rooms.

PhDs with an annual income more than CHF 26’400.- pay a surcharge of CHF 100.- per room per month.

Damage and repairs to rooms or apartments?

You will find information on how to report damage and repairs in your property on the bulletin board at the entrance to your property. Other forms of reporting, such as email or telephone inquiries are not accepted for damages.

Do I have personal liability insurance from WOKO in respect of damages?

No,all tenants themselves are responsible for the cost of repairs to rental property that they cause. Therefore, we recommend that you take out private personal liability insurance cover with the Schweizerische Mobiliar insurance company under special conditions.

How long can I stay after my exmatriculation?

No later than four months after exmatriculation you need to move out. Please submit your notice of termination without prior request, otherwise you will be given notice from WOKO as soon as you do not meet the WOKO criteria for renting.

How do I move-out of my WOKO room?

A move-out is only possible after giving notice. How to give notice you will find here.

Are the rooms furnished?

Most of the WOKO rooms are furnished. A smaller number of properties only have unfurnished or partially furnished rooms. If a room is furnished you can find in your letting agreement.

What does the house representative (HR) do?

What the house representative does you can find here.

What do I have to do when I move out?

Before a tenant moves out, the accommodation must be inspected by the house representativ or the caretaker. To arrange this, the departing tenant should get in touch with the house representativ or caretaker or should put his name down on the schedule list. Damage, inadequate cleaning, missing keys and furnishings are noted on the Check-out form and lead to deductions.

Am I allowed to keep a pet?

Pets are not allowed in any WOKO rooms.

When will my deposit be refunded?

The deposit will be refunded after your official notice period to the bank you provided by the notice or directly via contact form.

The deposit will be refunded within 12 weeks after the end of your letting period.

We cannot pay back a deposit in cash.

How do I pay my rent?

It is your responsibility to pay the rent on time, the correct account and with the correct reference number. The rent is due to the first of every month. How to pay rent, you can find here.

You are changing from student to PhD?

A change from student to doctoral student status must be reported to WOKO. You can find the application here. You will receive a new letting agreement from WOKO, which is limited to 2 years. PhD with an annual income of more than CHF 26’400 CHF a year, pay a surcharge of CHF 100.- per room per month.

I am on holidays- can I sublet my room?

In your house rules it is stated for how long you can sublet your room. It is mandatory to submit the application before a subtenant moves in. Your subtenant needs to meet the same rental criteria as you. The only exceptions are during the semester break. You are still responsible for the punctual payment of the rent, as well as the handing over of the room and for any damages.

Do I need to register at the legal registration?

Please do not forget to register yourself at the Kreisbüro within 14 days after your letting agreement starts.

Can my partner or visitor to stay in the room with me?

Whether a visitor is possible and whether two people are allowed to live in your room is stated in your house rules. If double occupancy is allowed (two people staying in the same room), WOKO must be notified in advance.

What should I do in case of bed bugs?

It is important that you contact WOKO immediately. Here you can find the form. We will do a bed bugs inspection free of charge.

I can not be there in person for the move-in or move-out. What can I do?

If I as the main tenant can not be there in person on my official move-in or move-out of the rented property to take over or return the keys I have the option of being represented by an authorised person. The power of attorney signed by the main tenant and the authorised person must be handed over to the house representative on the handover date.