Established by students

WOKO – from WOhnbauKOmmission (housing commission) – was established in 1956 by students from the two Zurich universities. In 1972, this became today’s cooperative: the Student Housing Cooperative Zurich, WOKO. Its members are legal entities, particularly organisations of students (VSETH and VSUZH), of doctoral students (AVETH) and of former students (ETH Alumni, Zürcher Universitätsverein ZUNIV).
To mark WOKO’s 50-year anniversary, its history from the beginnings to the present day was compiled and published in 2006.

Administration, maintenance and operation

WOKO administers both property belonging to the Stiftung für Studentisches Wohnen (Student Housing Foundation) Zurich, property owned by the ETH Zurich and property owned by the University of Zurich. WOKO also rents entire properties owned by the city and canton of Zurich and by private individuals and lets these out to students. WOKO owns only one property itself. In the case of all properties, WOKO lets the rooms, collects the rent, organises caretaking, operation and maintenance and is also responsible for bookkeeping and financial control. It also develops and supports new student housing projects.

Financially self-sustaining, non-profit organisation

WOKO receives neither subsidies for the operation of its student houses nor assistance to cover deficits. As a private organisation, WOKO is itself responsible for achieving balanced financial results. It is only possible to keep the rent charged for rooms low thanks to the fair terms given by property owners, to efficient and inexpensive administration and if student tenants pay their rents on time and behave in a manner that does not increase costs.

Executive Bodies

Members of the cooperative
  • Verband der Studierenden an der ETH Zürich (VSETH):
  • Verband der Studierenden der Universität Zürich (VSUZH):
  • Association of Scientific Staff at the ETH Zurich:
  • Association of Non-Professorial Academic Staff at the University of Zurich:
  • Gesellschaft ehemaliger Studierender ETH Zürich/ETH Alumni:
  • UZH Alumni:
  • Studierende Kantonale Maturitätsschule für Erwachsene, Zürich (KME):
  • Studierendenversammlung der ZHdK (VERSO):
  • Wohnstiftung für Studierende (WOST), Basel
  • Versammlung der Studierenden der Pädagogischen Hochschule Zürich (VSPHZH)
  • Alias Studierende der Zürcher Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften (Alias ZHAW):
  • Immanuel Stocker: President
  • Cornelia Estermann: Vice president
  • Marianne Dutli Derron
  • Alexandros Psomas
  • Lukas Reichart
  • Andreas Wirz
  • Michael Wüthrich
  • Claudio Durisch: Delegate City of Zurich
Management committee
  • Karin Schulte: General manager
  • Thomas Gnekow: Manager of Finance
  • Markus Helbling: Manager of Property
  • Regula Jenny: Manager of Housing